Great Britain Philately

George V - High Value Definitives - "The Seahorses"

Penny Reds Exhibition Pages:
Problems of the Penny Plates
Numbers In Maltese Cross

1873 1' Newlyn Great Britain Tools:
Plating the PennyE-Gauge
Die ComparatorPostal Towns ID

1 Shilling Misperf Errors, Freaks and Oddities:
Severely misperfed 1', Plate 5
1 of 160 possible in this sheet

3d. Purple on OrangeSingle Items of Interest:

3d Jubilee issue on Orange Paper
Certificate signed by E.D. Bacon

Liverpool SpoonG.B. Covers of Interest:

Liverpool 2d. Forwarded Cover

Jubilee of Penny Postage, 1890

Specimen South Kensington Envelope

#12 in MX FakeFakes, Forgeries and Foolishness:

Number in MX on Perf. 14

2d Trapezoidal Effect

A Possible Explanation Of The Cause

Album Pages:

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