Assurance Form
Ship's Cargo

In the 1840's it was common for merchants making shipments to insure their portion of the cargo aboard a ship. In this instance, one Robert MacKenzie of Dundee requested assurance of 1100 from the firm of Copplewell & Walls, 46 Lime St., London.

Acting as agents, this firm 'subscribed' several persons as actual Assurers, the majority taking 100 of risk. For this they were paid 25/- per 100 subscribed.

The assurance issued included "risk of Craft to and from the vessel". This would thus cover the "on" and "off" loading, if instanced by lighters, not done at dockside. In London, gangs were used to load onto ships moored out in the Thames. As the destination was New York, depending upon to where in the harbour it was sent, it could have been accomplished by either method.

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