1867 Paris Exhibition

In 1864, Napoleon III decreed that an international exposition should be held in Paris in 1867 to rival the London International Exposition held in 1862. The site chosen for the Exposition Universelle of 1867 was the Champ de Mars, later the location of the Eiffel Tower.
The funds for the construction and maintenance of the exposition consisted of a total of $5,883,400; while the receipts were estimated to have been but $2,822,900.
There were 50,226 exhibitors, of whom 15,055 were from France and her colonies, 6,176 from Great Britain and Ireland, 703 from the United States and a small contingent from Canada and other countries including Japan.

1d Proof on Card

2d Proof on Card

Proof sheets of the 1d [Plate 103] in Black and Rose, the 1 1/2d [Plate 1] in Mauve-Pink and the 2d [Plate 9] in Black and Blue were made for the Paris International Exhibition of 1867. At the exhibition blocks of 20 were shown with the exception of the 2d in Black.
The paper was a soft white card, unwatermarked and ungummed.

At the Exhibition, Her Majesty's Post Master General showed "Models of Apparatus and Machines, Illustrating the Arrangements Adopted at the General Post Office, London.
These were broken down into nine categories:

1. - Models of Railway Mail Carriages

2. - Model of the Connaught Steamship

3. - Model of Post Office Counter
with Poste Restante fittings, money drawer, etc.

4. - Table on Which Mail Bags Are Opened
Letters Stamped, Machine for Stamping
Specimens of Date Stamps
Steel Stamps for Cancelling Labels
Stamping Pads

5. - Model of Table on Which Letters are Sorted

6. - Table with Divisions
into which Letters are Sorted for Dispatch
Sealing Apparatus & Fittings

7. - Model of Mail Van
Specimens of Steel Plates for Marking Mailbags

8. - Model of Pillar Letter Box with Fittings

9. - Specimens of:
Books, Forms and Receipts
used for Registered Letters
Specimens of Scales
Letter Carriers Uniform, Cap & Cape

No indication in the Catalogue in which section
the Proofs were displayed, but most probably section #4 or #9.


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