MX Numbers Foolishness:
MX Numbers on Perforated Block

In 1843 with the aim of providing a means of identifying the location at which a postal item was obliterated, the London Inland Office began utilizing a series of 12 obliterators with numbers inside the inner 'diamond' of the standard Maltese Cross.

The trial was apparently successful and the G.P.O. began issuing the 1844 type obliterators. For English general use, these were inside an oval of bars. Scotland had a rectangle and Ireland a diamond. For the Inland branch, smaller numbers in a diamond inside the barred oval were adopted.

With the issue of these new obliterators for the Inland Branch, the Numbers in MX cross were withdrawn. The period of withdrawl would have been in late 1844, thus by the time official perforation came into being in 1854, there's little possibility of a genuine usage of these obliterators, if they even still existed!


Here, by special 'favor' of our Digital Clerk, are the ghosts of a complete set of Numbers in MX Cross 'used' on a block of stamps from Plate 45, Die II, perforated 14 and issued 26th August 1856.

Look ... but please - Don't Touch. They're very shy !