Rainbow "Trial" Block

In 1840 with the issuance of the Penny Black, the cleverness of the populace came to the fore in discovering means of cleaning the "Red Composition" used for cancellation of the stamp. It was decided that ordinary black printer's ink would be best for a permanent obliteration, but black on the Black wasn't easily visible under the working or delivery illuminations at certain times of the year.

To accomplish this change and also increase security by making the stamp image 'fugitive', a series of trials began to find a new colour for the stamp. They were made by using a special plate of 12 stamps with the NE Corner 'filled' with wax.


Here, by special 'favor' of our Digital Clerk is a range of shades that should have been considered in addition to the accepted "Red-Brown"!

Yet as lovely as they are, they are not truly a 'Rainbow' ...