The Jubilee of Penny Postage

Account Of The
Celebration Of The Jubilee
Of Uniform Inland Penny Postage

In 1891 the Jubilee Celebration Committee published an accounting of the various functions during the Jubilee Year.

Above is the original title page of this 'Account', 2nd printing and a Revised Edition, containing 331 pages, including 30 photographs or illustrations. in hard cover. The 'Account' contains 47 pages of text on an Introduction to The Jubilee Year, 35 pages on the Jubilee Dinner, 108 pages concerning the Guildhall Conversazione, 44 pages on the South Kensington Museum Conversazione, 50 pages on the "Jubilee in the Provinces", 6 pages on the Postmaster's Breakfast, 28 pages about the Rowland Hill Memorial And Benevolent Fund [only in the revised edition] and 12 pages of an appendix, including the Christmas of 1890.

A tremendous amount of information, from hours, staffing and individual congratulatory messages are included in the whole.

The books were ordered at 2/6 [apparently postpaid] and the first printing was sold out by 12th September, 1891. Below is a receipt of that date for 12 copies noting "that the first edition is exhausted". Of even date and to the same purchaser I have a receipt for payment and shipment of 36 copies, making a total of 48 books ordered at a combined cost of 8.8s. As the remaining 12 books would have to await the reprinting, the subscriber was entered in for a 13th "Free" Copy!

The 2nd and Revised edition, by including the 11th November, 1891 Fund Meeting report and its accounting of the 12,260.0.10 in payment to the Rowland Hill Memorial And Benevolent Fund, would thus have been published at the end of 1891.




26 April, 2011