South Kensington Favor Cancels
at the 2nd July 1890 Jubilee Celebration

At South Kensington, a circular cancel of two types was used on 2nd July. As part of the South Kensington exhibition, a reproduction of a 1790 cancel was available, a "South Kensington Museum" indicia and both sending and combination reply Pneumatic "Tube Post" cancels. These could also be applied to items purchased or brought in on 2nd July.

The South Kensington Museum's Exhibition was only open the one day, 2nd July, 1890 and from 7 PM to Midnight. In addition to selling the special envelopes at 1/-, any item could be canceled for an additional 1d. per cancel [3d. for the Tube Post Reply], this was the charge for those items -=not=- placed into the mails. Interestingly, the instructions specify Black Ink only to be used, yet a bluish-violet appears on many items.

All the Tube Post cancels are in Violet. Some 7 4s. 11d. worth of Tube Post was processed and an additional 789 items received the 1d. Tube Post Jubilee cancel on a hand back basis, being also charged the same 1d. per cancel fee [3d. for the Tube Post Reply], as with the regular cancel.

A plain thick card of 4.5" x 3.5" used to obtain both of the 1d and the 3d Tube Post and also both sizes of the South Kensington Postmark. While the ink pad for the Tube Post appears 'fresh' the Postal 'black' pad needed inking.





29 January, 2012