The Jubilee of Penny Postage
July, 1890

Furniss Caricature


Card courtesy Harvey J. Russell.

A short time after the South Kensington Exhibition, Harry Furniss [a noted caricaturist of the time] published his version of the Jubilee Envelope and Card. Four copies are known postally used, about the time of production in July 1890, with the earliest found date being 24th July, 1890 posted and addressed in Liverpool bearing a Penny Lilac [16 dots].

Next found usages were two on the 25th, both bearing London E.C. Fancy Geometric cancels, another to Ramsgate from London on 26th July, 1890 and a second of that same date to Guildford from London N. Two others, on 31st July, 1890, were posted at the Lombard St. B.O. and London E. C. All of these utilized with the 1881 1d. Lilac.

At least ten other copies of later date are recorded, one on 13th September from London with anothe Hoster cancel, on 24th September from Dewsbury with 2.5d Jubilee stamp, on 13th December 1890, a Registered usage from Compton St. East / Eastbourne sent to Kiel, North Germany with three 1.5d Jubilee stamps. Others, much later, include one on 27th December, 1898 bearing an 1881 Lilac 1d stamp and a very interesting one from London to Holland using four postal stationery cutouts as franking.



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