The Jubilee of Penny Postage
July, 1890

Furniss Caricature
Registered Uses

On 13th December 1890, a Registered usage from Compton St. East / Eastbourne was sent to Kiel, North Germany with three 1.5d Jubilee stamps, two on the reverse, making up the required Foreign and Registry postage of 4 1/2 d. The Furniss caricature, of course, not having any valid postal franking.


Less than two months earlier, on 20th October, the same sender used one of the covers from South Kensington to mail to the same recipient. This time all the additional postage for Foreign and Registry was upon the reverse. Three 1/2 d Orange and one 2 d Green & Red from the Jubilee issue in addition to the 1 d postage carried on the cover.



3rd June, 2016