The Jubilee of Penny Postage
July, 1890

Furniss Caricature
Other Uses

The Harry Furniss caricatures continued to be bought and used, some extending into the 1910's.
This usage, from 13th September, 1890 bears the scarce Hoster machine cancel, type C-15 with dater type D-11 a scarcity of "G".


On 18th January, 1906 an interesting cover was created by using the Harry Furniss caricature frnked by four cutouts from the postal stationery of the period. Such use, though frowned upon, was valid for postage payment. Two were from the 1/2 d postcard; one from the 1 d Penny Pink envelope, but the fourth is unknown as it fell off during transit. There's a hint of perforation at upper left, but it would be much larger than any stamp of proper value, 1/2d. That it happened then is evidenced by the applied "T" marking of postage due, which was then crossed out. Apparently the remainders of the glue used to hold the item was accepted as having borne the proper postage upon sending.



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