Guildhall Postcard
Gerald King - Lundy Jubilee

 1st Printing - Canon Copier

Gerald King is well known for his many cinderella envelopes and Lundy Puffin 'spoofs'. Among them is a very interesting series based upon Alice In Wonderland.

During the 1990's he also produced a version of the 1890 Jubilee Guildhall postcard as part of his "Alternative Lundy". These were produced in Red, Blue, Brown and Deep Green ink colours. In addition to the matching Buff of the original's card stock, he also used White, Pink and possibly other 'Pastel' color 'card' stock.

The first production was done with a Canon Copier which could print in four different colours, but was limited in the thickness of the stock. These cards measure 13 cm by 8.5 cm. At a later date, Mr. King produced them again, this time using his own inkjet which could take certain other thicknesses of card and he now could employ many other colours. These later items are now 12.5 cm by 8 cm.

2nd Printing - Ink Jet Printer
Head motion is vertically across the card.


Note the vertical banding on the Blue print.




1st March, 2014