Guildhall Postcard
Guildhall Jubilee Committee

At some point in the celebrations at the Guildhall, the five members and the chairman managed to sign one or more of the special Guildhall postcards. This card, though rather 'tatty' now, had the H-1 or 'hand back' cancel applied on the 17th May, 1890. Guildhall cancels on these cards, other than from the 16th, are scarce as the cards were sold out on the first night.

Sir James Whitehead Bart., D.L.
Chairman of the London Corporation Committee
2 March 1834
20 October 1917

Frederick Ebenezer Baines, C. B.
Asst. Secretary and Inspector-General
1 September 1911

Sir William Henry Preece, F.R.S.
P.O. Head Electrician
{later Engineer-in-Chief}
15 February 1834
6 November 1913

Stamford Raffles Thompson
Colonel, 26th Middlesex Rifle Volunteers
The Army's P.O. Service
19 June 1844
8 February 1908

R. C. Tombs,
Comptroller of the London Postal Service

James J. Cardin, C. B.
Comptroller and Accountant-General
to the Post Office
Thank you gentlemen!


At least two of these gentlemen managed to send out Guildhall Postcards.

Sir James sent a card to his son George, then living in the town of Bromley, Kent.
Sir George Hugh Whitehead, 2nd Baronet held the office of Justice of the Peace for Kent.

Sir James also sent out a South Kensington envelope and card
to his son's wife, also at Bromley Kent.

Arthur Whitehead, nephew of Sir James, sent a Guildhall card
to his father, John Whitehead, the Mayor of Appleby.

S. Raffles Thompson sent one to H.L. Creswell,
then the Secretary of the Post Office in Ireland.

Sadly all these mailings have well suffered
in the more than one hundred years
since their original use.




1st March 2017