The Jubilee of Penny Postage
Guildhall Programme
16th May, 1890

The Official Programme contained 67 pages and included a large fold out map [14" by 19.75"] to the Guildhall Jubilee Celebration. This was handed out by seven telegraph messengers in uniform on the night of the 16th only, according to the 1891 Account.

Above is the original cover of a Programme, now privately bound for preservation in hard cover. The Official Programme contains 20 pages of text on a "Brief History of the Post Office", 30 pages on the 395 "History of the Post Office" exhibits contained within the hall and 13 pages on the 82 "Telegraphic Apparatus" exhibits.

Many of the exhibits here were also used at the South Kensington Celebration, among them the Post Offices of 1790 and 1990.

Below, the included map is shown without border and tipped in binding tab. Note the suggested route of the visitor [red arrows] to insure circulation through all the exhibits. A few areas, such as the Member's Reading Room and the Committee Rooms were not open to the public during this Celebration. Some other areas were set aside for use by the Post Office staff.





01 September, 2010