The Jubilee of Penny Postage
Money Orders
Guildhall & South Kensington

Mr. R. C. Tombs in the published "Account" of the Penny Postage Jubilee, for the Guildhall Conversazione section states:

Then 365 money orders were issued, the majority being for 1d.

At this time some reports say 20 have survived, with this one being issued in the 10 AM to 4 PM period by Miss Turner, one of two Post Office Clerks on duty for the Saturday Conversazione. The other officer for the first period was Miss Gunston. They would also work on Monday the 19th, but having the later shift, 4 PM to 10 PM.


A similar money order, numbered 250, was issued by Miss Parsons during the second shift, thus at least 223 of the 365 money orders issued were sold on Saturday the 17th. The other officer for this shift was Miss Brown.

At this writing, 7 Money Orders are known issued from the Guildhall. They are #'s 17, 28,
93 [for 6d], 250, 324, 456 and 457.

Following the Penny Postage Jubilee event held at the South Kensington Museum, Mr. R. C. Tombs issued his report of the activities on 25th July, 1890. In that report he states;

"The total number of money orders issued was 157, the majority being for 1 d.
None were presented for payment."

Clerks on duty at the two sales ponts were; Mrs. & Miss Blewett in the Architectural Court South and Misses Bean and Adeney in the Cruickshank Gallery. The former location saw the bulk of the sales and work. In addition both the 1790 and the 1990 Post Offices saw a large amount of business. It's not clear where the Money Orders would have been purchased.

At this writing, 7 Money Orders are known issued from South Kensington. They are #'s 51, 54, 76, 81, 91, 107 and 138.




1st September, 2018