The Jubilee of Penny Postage

Medal Struck For The Jubilee of Penny Postage

In 1889 a general opinion was expresed that the fiftieth anniversary of the introduction of Uniform Penny Postage in this country ought not to be allowed to pass without some indication of the feelings which must actuate all who look back to the great reform introduced in 1840, and consider what has since been done. - Introduction to "Account of the Celebration of the Jubilee"

The following is a small study of the postal and related materials produced for the Jubilee Celebrations of 1890. Two public exhibitions took place, the first at the Guildhall, London on the 16th to 19th May, 1890 and the second at the South Kensington Museum on 2nd July, 1890.

The commemorative medal was made in both Bronze and Pewter on the order of Spink & Sons by the German firm of L. C. Lauer. It is 65 mm in diameter, weighing about 105 gms. In the Numismatic Circular of 1897, these were offered at 5/6 for the Bronze and 3/6 for the Pewter.

Wolfgang Lauer (Germ.) was a contemporary Medallist and a member of the Nuremberg firm of L. CHR. LAUER, since 1883. To him should be attributed a great many of the medals issued by the Lauer establishment during the last twenty years. - Numismatic Circular Volume 14

Quantities of each produced and the actual date of 'issue' is unknown as the Spink records were lost in the London Blitz. With the medal showing the special envelope for the South Kensington Museum Exhibition, an estimate of some months after 2nd July, 1890 may be reasonable for its production.

Jubilee Celebrations

Holborn Dinner


The Guildhall, London


Announcement of Special Postcard

The Guildhall Postcard

Guildhall Postcard - Page 2

Preprinted Business Postcard

1966 Reproduction of the Guildhall PC

1985 PHS Subscription Reproduction

1990 Stamp World Souvenir

Gerald King - Lundy Jubilee

Guildhall Committee

Reused 1841 Letter

The Programme

Music Programme

Exhibit Card

In The Guildhall

Telegraph Exhibit

Money Orders


South Kensington Museum


Museum Layout

Admission Card

Museum Envelope

Issued Envelope

Posted Envelope

Notable Recipients

Uses of the Cards

Other Cancels

Interesting Uses

Postcards & 1d Pink

Registered Cover

Cover to the USA

Gustav Hamel - Daily Mail Airman

Late Covers - Canada & Obsolete

1d. Bisect On 2d. Postcard

Reused 1841 Cover

Overseas Usage

Later Imitations

The 'Howell' Cancels

Furniss Caricature

'Proofs' & Remainders

Furniss Registered

Furniss - Odd Uses

Furniss U.P.O.W.

Furniss' Other Works

Elliot Imitation

Money Orders

Dual Uses


Collector's Information

Cancels Used

Cancelled to Favor

Stamp Collectors' Fortnightly Medals



Post Office

Hooper's Letter Scale

Christmas & New Year's Card

Forgery & Reproduction

Account Of The Celebration


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