The Jubilee of Penny Postage
South Kensington Envelope
2nd July, 1890

These envelopes and an accompanying insert card were to be sold not only at the South Kensington Museum Exhibition, but throughout London and many other post offices in the United Kingdom. London's Head District, Branch and Receiving Offices sold a total of 148,830 envelopes and cards at 1/- for both.

The Museum operated two Post Offices and two stalls to sell these items and also had a supply of "plain blue" cards. These 'blue' cards were to be sold for 1d and would received an impression of the special exhibition cancellation. A fee was charged for handback cancels on cards, etc. brought in by the attendee.

The above is a specimen of the Kensington envelope. It is unknown how many were so stamped or if any insert cards were also marked. In his exhibit, John Davies reports three 'SPECIMEN' examples are known to him. As this example is of unknown provenance, it could be one of those previously reported or a fourth.




01 September, 2010