The Jubilee of Penny Postage
South Kensington Envelope
2nd July, 1890


Although the Museum directly sold 5,370 of these Jubilee envelopes and cards, many more were brought into the exhibit and posted. Some of the cards bought in the museum were canceled and handed back and thus are not included in the acounting of 23,200 Jubilee Enveloped posted at the Museum the evening of July 2nd.

While the total number of envelopes and cards produced or sold does not appear in the Account, nor in the Annual GPO Report, a recent article in the GB Journal lists 248,220 envelopes and 249,220 inserts delivered from the printing order of 252,000.
John Davies FRPSL - GB Journal Vol. 50 No. 1

The Controller of the London Postal Service reported that 148,830 envelopes were sold within the London District, that 15 Post Offices had sold their allotment of 1,000 each and that another 14 Post Offices reported selling between 500 and 700 envelopes. Fortunately this 148,830 accounting included those available in the Museum so that envelopes, both sold and carried in, have been counted.

Summing up all figures, without accounting for smaller numbers perhaps sold at local Post Offices, there seem to be in the range of 77,370 left as remainders. Packets of 50, with intact band are still being broken up for sale of unused envelopes and cards.




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