The Jubilee of Penny Postage
South Kensington Envelope
2nd July, 1890

Fourteen Postal Clerks were on duty at the South Kensington Museum for the period of the exhibition, 7 PM to Midnight. The Main Hall Post Office had a supervisor and four clerks. The Science Library Office had the same staffing and in the Writing Room and at the Royal Entrance, there were two clerks at each position.

This envelope bears the Type 2 "Large" 37 mm diameter cancel used at the Museum.

Jubilee envelopes bought at the Museum could be impressed with the special stamp without charge, but all other cards and letters not intended for the post were charged 1d per cancel. As with the Guildhall, the proceeds, above the real postal charges, were for the Rowland Hill Fund.




07 November, 2011