The Jubilee of Penny Postage
South Kensington Interesting Uses
Odd Uses Of The Envelope

In the years following the South Kensington event, these envelopes became less desirable and many of the remainders began to be used for business or promotions. So many were left, that in 2014 a banded packet of 50 were sold to a dealer and broken up for individual sale.

Other bulk purchasers used packets to advertise their wares. This envelope with included card became a nice souvenir for visitors to Stall No. 3 in 1923. The number of these produced is unknown, but probably would be one or two packets of 50.


This use is perhaps unique in that the old Revenue stamps had become available for postal duty, the 1d on 1st June 1881 and the remainder on 1st January 1883. The Revenue stamp here used to pay the additional fees for a registry to the United States is of the 1867 issue, SG F-17.




3rd June, 2016