The Jubilee of Penny Postage
South Kensington Interesting Uses
GPO Registered Use

While only 276 Registered postings were made at the South Kensington Museum on the 2nd July, a great many more would be made using the special Jubilee envelope. One such is this envelope with included card bearing a message about the importance of the date celebrated.

Posted at the Eastcheap Post Office in time for the noon outgoing, it was delivered in East Dulwich "soon after 3 PM". Interestingly the sender notes that he is attaching the required additional postage on the reverse of the envelope and that the three stamps are Slope's Patent perforated 'anti-fraud' issues. The perforation initials are G T / & Co.


The address, 49 Chesterfield Road still exists as a brick freehold row house, last selling at 630,000!




30th September, 2014