The Jubilee of Penny Postage
South Kensington Interesting Uses
Regional Use Of The Envelope


The Jubilee envelopes were available at post offices throughtout the country and several philatelic dealers made use of them for advertising. H.G. Hanson was apparently a substantial dealer as many covers are know from his business to Germany, Sweden, the USA and many other foreign destinations. On some of them he used the Jubilee issues and carefully included the interpane rules.

As he notes on the enclosed card, for those outside the major cities, these had to be ordered a week in advance, specially if any quantity would be required.

This cover bears the Cardiff squared circle postmark, Cohen C/038, 10th I SC.



John F. Seybold {22 July 1859 - 13th August, 1909} the owner of one of the largest dry-goods stores in Syracuse, NY, was a noted stamp collector. Both the cover and card bear his marking and as the original addressee is in Hoboken, NJ, it's presumed that this cover came down from Seybold's massive collection which was broken up and sold in two sessions during March, 1910.

Many other covers from the 'interesting' to the very rare, bear this two line stamp. John Seybold was one of the pioneers in collecting postal history, including obtaining an example on cover of the 1851 12 pence black. When announced in the Pittsburgh Press in 1902, it had a value of US$600. At his death in 1909, the collection was estimated at over US$100,000.00




30th September, 2014