The Jubilee of Penny Postage
South Kensington Interesting Uses
Reuse Of A Penny Black Cover

On 25th July, 1890, Mr. R. C. Tombs, Controller Of The London Postal Service issued his Report upon the Conversazione At South Kensington. This detailed the activities and results of sales and use of the special handstamps for the 2nd July, 1890.

"Many letters, previously posted and bearing ancient dates, several of the year 1839, were, as at the Guildhall, posted again to obtain the impression of the special South Kensington Jubilee stamp. Some of the Guildhall Jubilee cards were used again in this way. Many rare stamps, both adhesive and embossed, were brought for the same purpose. Amongst them were six of the old black stamps, and two of the original Mulready envelopes.

Retrieved from Eastern Europe is this hard used example of one of the six of the Penny Black reused covers. Both stamps have suffered some scraping damage, as well as loss of the envelope's flap. However enough of the original date stamp remains to show first posting in 1841.

St. Georges Gate in 1841 was a short business and residential street opening out onto the grounds of Doncaster Minster. Today it is only about 100 yards and is truncated by the A630.

Probably this cover was handed back to the attendee, rather than returned through the post, St. George's Street having changed much in the intervening 49 years.




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