Stamp Collectors' Fortnightly

Percy C. Bishop was a strong advocate of competitions in the philatelic world. In addition to giving away the remainders of the Harry Furniss caricature, he, through the paper, would sponsor and encourage collectors to exhibit their collections and areas of study.
With this in mind, in October of 1908 he announced an intended competition for thos who presented papers at the recognized Philatelic Society meetings. Having such presentations, often accompanied with exhibiting of the material would bring new members as well as encourage current members to further pursuits.
In each issue of the Stamp Collectors' Fortnightly several pages would be devoted to the 'doings' of the various societies. Those included the Liverpool Philatelic Society, the Northampton Philatelic Society, the Junior Philatelic Society of Scotland, the Junior Philatelic Society [with several Branches often reporting], the Manchester Junior Philatelic Society, the North Of Englan Philatelic Society, the Modern Collectors' Club and the Bath Philatelic Society.
Of course, the Royal Philatelic Society would also be covered with the 16th October, 1909 issue giving the Programme for the RPS for the coming season. Among those mentioned there as presenters are: The Earl Of Crawford, Major E. B. Evans, and H.R.H. The President. someof these presentations would be reproduced or summarized in the coming issues - including those from the regional societies.
In this clipping the central portion describes the paper presented by Mr. W. H. Lawson.

In the above clipping, the last paragraph mentions that The Liverpool Society has nominated Dr. Armstrong and Mr. W. H. Lawson for the silver and bronze medals respectivly." This is the medal awarded to Mr. W. H. Lawson.



27 March, 2017