The Jubilee of Penny Postage
The Guildhall, London
Telegraph Exhibit

Part of the exhibition at the Guildhall, May 16th throught the 19th was a working system of the Post Office Telegraphs. Telegrams could be both sent and received, for which the ordinary forms were in use, but the cancellation was that of the special Guildhall 'Star', noted as Type T-1. Among the telegraphic instruments set up and working were; the 'Hughes' worked to Paris and Berlin, the 'Multiplex [6 ways] to Birmingham, the Quadruplex [4 ways] to Bristol, the Duplex to Manchester and a Simples Sounder to Aberdeen and Brighton.

The Prince of Wales sent a message to the Emperor of Germany at 11:40 PM [via the Hughes];

"We are celebrating the Jubilee of Uniform Penny Postage at Guildhall, London, and I send you my warmest greetings on the 50th anniversary of an invention that has had such a marvelous influence for good in evey country of the world.

One of the other telegrams sent, also to Berlin, received this reply ...




25 September, 2011