"The Plating of the Penny - 1840-1864"
by Harold Fisher & Roland Brown
published by The Great Britain Philatelic Society.

An Index is available to the marvelous work by Mr. Harold W. Fisher based on the
measurement system devised by Roland Brown. Please read the information below.


Regretfully, the Index has minimal value to those who do not have the books. In a joint project Allan Oliver and I have created a means of obtaining the measurements through some HTML trickery. With other resources, Statham, Seymour, Stone and Proud, plus the available Imprimatur imagery, you may be able to plate many copies.

Download the original E-GaugeUse the E-Gauge On Line.

E-Gauge with Tiny Browser

Some browsers 'protect' you from loading your own images.
A browser you can use just for the E-Gauge is K-Meleon.

This Index is taken from a searchable, full information database which I created while Mr. Harold Fisher was alive, and with his permission. It contains an encoded version of all the relevent positional data for the five volumes of the "Plating Of The Penny".

Because of the written agreement between Mr. Fisher, his publishers, and myself - I can not make copies of the original programmed database available - Sorry!

No book data is available through the Index, only a search for possible matching plates.

For some 10 years I'd paid for and maintained these pages, offering the Index to all comers. Rising charges made it necessary to either discontinue or to ask the users to defray the ongoing costs. Thus, for a short time, the Index was only available by Paid Subscription.

I have donated the Index to the GBPS,
see their website for access.

The books may occasionally be found at auction and some volumes are still available through booksellers. For those just wanting the MX plates or Alph II Imperforate - it's not too much of a job to manually check the single volume for matches.


Recent acquisitions by members of the Missing Imprimatur Group on Yahoo are leading to filling in some of the missing measurements.
The measurements given are classed as 'provisional', in that they come from two or more issued impressions and thus may vary slightly from the imprimatur due to under/over inking or wear.

These 'provisionals' and corrections to the original data will have the Plate Number in the returned list marked with an asterisk.

The listings returned include any exact matches, the matches for the range you have selected and a list of those plates for which there is no data.

For ease of working, you may 'print' the results. That will open a pop-up window with all the information for the example and may then be copied and pasted into any text editor.

ONLY if you have considered all possible returned matches out to +/-4 should you begin to consider the example as a possible "Missing Imprimatur".

For those having the books and as yet not having updated the data,
see: FB Changes



26th November, 2013