Index to H.W. Fisher's "Plating the Penny"


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This is a database which I created while Mr. Harold Fisher was alive, and with his permission.

It contains all the relevent positional data for the five volumes of "Plating The Penny".

Because of the written agreement between Mr. Fisher, his publishers, and myself - I can not make copies of the program or database available - Sorry!

The Internet Version is now available.
If you can not access the on-line version, and have a few items which are puzzling you, I'd be happy to search the database for the near matches.

Send me an e-mail with up to 5 items, in the following format:

Checkletters, Left Side, Left Bottom, Right Bottom, Right Side.
      Example:   AA, 12+, 3+, 4-, 11+

DO include the + or - as you see them. The program ranges these values plus and minus two points around the given.

As an example: A value of 7+ will be checked for 7-, 7, 7+, 8-, and 8 as a possible match. Imagine the permutations of doing that manually for all four measurements!

An adjunct to the Plating the Penny is the series of volumes by Dr. Kenneth W. Statham, published by Eric Paul, Ltd.
The Essential Guide is currently available through Plate 21 of Die II.


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