G.B Postal Towns
by John A. McCulloch

1st II SC - Earliest Use Have you ever wondered about which town a partial C.D.S. came from?
For the Victorian and Edwardian Periods of GB ... here's a chance to find out.
Please see the "Notes:" below the searcher.
I know there are more towns which weren't on the lists available to me.
So ... If you find a town that is missing, please send me an email
including a jpeg of the cancel.

Awarded March 2004
March 2004

IA-B SC - Latest Use

2nd I SC - Earliest Use

1st I SC - Earliest Use

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Listings Updated on 8th June, 2018



Many town names or spelling variants have been added from J. H. Daniel's 1898 work. Another source has been the 1872 "List Of Post Towns In Great Britain & Ireland".
These books made no distinction between continuous and upper/lower placements, thus sometimes the "+" may not represent a lower placement, but a larger space and continuation. This is especially true of London District postmarks.
Some may be typographs -or- an earlier spelling once used.

Hammer Numbers are found appended to the 'Office' as in "London + F S". Rather than list the individual hammers, a "#" is substituted, thus; "London + F S #".

Many thanks to those who have added a Post Town name or two to this list, but especially to Ian Gibbons of the Mulready Group, who in addition to contributing hundreds of additions, has extracted many an unclear impression's true identity and verified the existence of the Post Office in question.

Other major contributors are:
Jon Baker, bringing in a great many Edward VII cancels;
Dave Madeley with many Single Ring QV & KEVII cancels.

You might have noted that the town cancels shown are of the Squared Circle Type. Three are the earliest usages known for that cancel and one is the latest. Earlier or later dates may yet be found. These are a fascinating study in themselves, one of the reasons this search progam was written.

The 'bible' for GB Squared Circles is Stanley Cohen's work,
Collecting British Squared Circle Postmarks.


8th June, 2018