Bay Center, Pacific County, Washington

Bay Center is located on Goose Point Peninsula which extends into the center of Willapa Bay. The point of the peninsula was the site of an Indian encampment and trading ground before and after the arrival of white settlers.

In 1875 the residents decided they needed a Post Office, having used Oysterville across the bay. Mattie Rhoades suggested "Bay Centre" [English spelling] and it was established the following year.

Currently the town is home to several Oyster and Crab operations. The 2008 population is about 241. USPS Zip Code is 98527

Bay Centre

Established:May 16, 1876 
First Postmaster:Sidney Smith
Disposition:Corrected Spelling

Bay Center

First Postmaster:Anderson Bush
Disposition:Currently Operating


Postcards From This Office:

Comic Postcard, Mailed on August 17, 1909


1st June, 2010