Chetlo Harbor, Pacific County, Washington

Near the mouth of the Naselles River, on the south bank, was the small development of Chetlo Harbor. "Jetlo" is an Indian word for Oyster. It was close to or perhaps the 'home port' of a ferry service crossing the Naselles River, operating in the early part of the 20th century.

The area was first known as Cougar Bend. The town started out as Napoleon, then later renamed Chetlo Harbor on the arrival of a post office. A dock and a store were built and building lots were sold. During the prosperous period there was a salmon fishery and canning operation, a logging operation, and a mining company.

The census precinct was also known as Chetlo Harbor and had area population of 70 in 1900, 102 in 1910, 90 in 1920 and 38 in 1930. The town itself had a maximum population of about 50.

Shortly after the closure of this post office, postal service was opened at Mill Ranch, the north bank home of the ferry when US Route 101 was opened. Oystering and a processing plant still operate in the nearby area just off US 101.

Handmade postcard captioned as "The Holill Family"
Sent on Jan 31, 1911 [Portland, OR cancel] by Mrs. Carrie E. [Calkins] Lucas
She and her husband, F. A. Lucas are not in the 1910 census
and had moved to Junction City by January 1914.

Remains of a dock on the Naselles River at Chetlo [Napoleon] Harbor

Chetlo Harbor

Established:December 19, 1911 
First Postmaster:Farris Lucas
Change:February 15, 1918
Disposition:Served from Mill Ranch


Postcards From This Office:

Mother's Day, Mailed May 14, 1912
Sent by Carrie Lucas [Napoleon card above]

Friendship, Mailed June 1, 1912

Xmas Greetings - Mailed December 23, 1916
Sent to Nahcotta, Wash.


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