Ilwaco, Pacific County, Washington

After Pacific County's first county seat was found to be located on the lands of the Cape Disappointment Military reservation, the community was moved near the current site of Ilwaco onto the claim of Isaac Whealdon. The name, Pacific City, was retained even though the location was locally known as Whealdonsburg, but the county seat moved to Chenook[ville].

The post office changed the name to Unity near the end of the US Civil War, perhaps suggested by the soldiers at the nearby military installation, Fort Canby, established in 1863.

In 1873, James Holman, who owned the claim next to Isaac Whealdon, filed a plat for the Town of Ilwaco [Elwahka - daughter of Chief Concomally and married to James]. The post office was moved into the growing town and the name changed to Ilwaco. Upon the appointment of James Holman to Postmaster on July18, 1876, the name became 'official'.

Pacific City - 1850
see Fort Canby

Pacific City - 1860

Established:November 26, 1860 
First Postmaster:Isaac Whealdon
Change:October 21, 1865
Disposition:Renamed Unity


Established:October 21, 1865  
First Postmaster:Isaac Whealdon
Change:May 10, 1876
Disposition:Renamed Ilwaco


Established:May 10, 1876  
First Postmaster:Charles Dexter
Disposition:Currently Operating


Postcards From This Office:

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Christmas, Mailed on Decemver 24, 1906

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