Knappton, Pacific County, Washington

Founded first as Cementvill by Jabez Knapp, when the local supplies for making cement proved to be limited he then went into the sawmill operation. About then the area became known as Knapp Town. When the post office was extablished it was shortened to the current name.

The depression crippled the operation, but the final blow came from a fire that destroyed most of the homes as well as the sawmill. Large pilings from the wharf and shipping operations remain, as well as a Quarantine Building [now Museum] from the period when immigrants were landed there.

It's interesting to note that the cancel supplied is not 'balanced'.Normally the WASH. is centered under the name and date information. Here it's shifted left along the arc.


Established:April 13, 1871 
First Postmaster:Amen Knapp, Jr.
Change:November 15, 1943


Early Statehood

Type 2


Postcards From This Office:

Land Deed Receipt, Mailed on December 24, 1889
43 days after Washington's Statehood, November 11, 1889


A 'Thank You' from brother to sister in Finnish
Mailed on May 18, 1913
Daisy's Birthday card announcing a gift by post
Mailed on June 15, 1915


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