Longbeach, Pacific County, Washington

Orginially platted as a vacation resort by Heny Tinker called "Tinker's Addition To Long Beach" or Tinkerville, when the post office was established it assumed the name of Longbeach. At some time [TBD] the name, mapped as two words, was finally adpoted by the post office for its cancellers. Long Beach is the major activity center on the Long Beach Peninsula and claims recognition as the "Kite Flying Capitol"


Established:January 25, 1887 
First Postmaster:Henry Tinker
Long Beach


An interesting variant, which from the clear inking of the ring and side letters should be from a broken "E", giving Longblach !
The size and shape of the letters in this vs. the above cancel indicates that this earlier obliterator was replaced by 1904.

Long Beach

First Postmaster:
Disposition:Currently Operating


Postcards From This Office:

The Driftwood Hotel, Mailed on October 7, 1904

Western Pacific County Map, Mailed on August 9, 1911
Describes riding on the Clamshell Railroad


Greetings, Mailed on August 8, 1912

IR&N Tunnel under Ft. Columbia - Mailed on July 21, 1915

Long Beach Boulevard, Mailed on July 18, 1916
Post Office cancel is still one word LONGBEACH


The Post Building, apartments and offices above the stores.
The writer mentions staying with family living here.
Mailed Aug. 17, 1932


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