McGowan, Pacific County, Washington

Founded upon one of the campsites used by Lewis & Clark, McGowan was originally a 'mission grant' to Father Lionnet. Patrick McGowan bought the grant and then filed a 'Donation Land Claim' just west of Chenookville.

McGowan established the first salmon packing company in the state of Washington. As the settlement and business grew, the locals called it McGowan in his honor.

Once established, the post office apparently issued several cancelers, Spellings used are: MC GOWAN and McGOWAN. The McGOWAN is seen used in 1906 and again on the last day. but the size and positioning of the letters of the name are quite different. The MC GOWAN was used in 1913.

The church built in 1904 by the McGowans, St. Mary's Catholic Church, still stands on the townsite.

For census purposes, McGowan was in the Nasel [Naselles] Precinct.


Established:March 7, 1901 
First Postmaster:Edmond Noonan
Disposition:Restyled MC GOWAN

Mc Gowan

First Postmaster:Henry McGowan
Disposition:Back to McGOWAN


First Postmaster:Henry McGowan
Change:April 15, 1939
Disposition:Served from Chinook


Postcards From This Office:


Postcard Swapping to Penpal in Sparta, N.J.
Mailed, but to N.Y., June 10, 1910


Reminder - Sender hasn't heard from friend
Mailed on Halloween, October 31, 1910

Easter Greetings
Mailed on April 8, 1912


Registered Receipt, Mailed October 30, 1913
Spelled MC GOWAN, - Signed by postmaster as agent for brother.


Birthday Greetings
Mailed on June 15th, 1908

Inquiring about husband's return from Astoria.
Mailed June 12, 1914 - MC GOWAN format.


Last Day of Service
Back to first style of McGOWAN



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