Menlo, Pacific County, Washington

In building the NPRR line to South Bend, the railroad had planned to call this area Preston. This was in honor of Lindley Preston , a resident of the area who kept an unofficial post office. As there was another 'Preston' in Washington, the post office rejected this proposal and called it Menlo.

This name came from a sign that John Brophy had erected to advertise the platting of his donation land claim. The sign had been moved so much, that only the first half of his proposed 'Menlo Park' was left and thus selected by the post office.

The Pacific County Fairhas been held here each August for over 80 years.


Established:September 5, 1894 

Last seen used Jan 5th, 1906

First Postmaster:Theodore Myers
Disposition:Currently Operating
 Replacement - Note 
 the much wider letters, plus
 addition of the Time.
 seen: May 31, 1906 on


Postcards From This Office:

Comic, Mailed on May 31, 1906

Mailed on September 4, 1908

Friendship Flower,
Mailed on January 20, 1910


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