Nahcotta, Pacific County, Washington

When John Paul bought a donation land claim from John Crellin, Jr, he platted out a town and named the location in honor of Chief Nahcati [various spellings exist]. This was done in anticipation of the arrival of the IR&N railroad. Although planned to end at Oysterville to the north, the railroad made Nahcotta its northern terminus with a long dock out into Willapa Bay.

About the same time another town, Sealand [Sea Land] was created on Nahcotta's northern border by B. Seaborg, a stockholder in the railroad. He tried unsuccessfully to have his town used as the official terminus.

Less than five months after the establishment of a post office at Nahcotta, it was moved to Sealand. The town was then proposed as the new county seat, but South Bend won the vote. Three years later the post office moved back to Nahcotta and Sealand disappeared from the maps.


Established:October 16, 1889 
First Postmaster:James Morrison
Change:April 3, 1890
Disposition:Moved to Sealand


Established:April 3, 1890 
First Postmaster:Charles Burch
Change:February 1, 1894
Disposition:Moved back to Nahcotta


Established:February 1, 1894 
First Postmaster:Isaac Whealdon
Disposition:Served from Ocean Park

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Second Type

Third Type


Postcards From This Office:

Early Oyster Harvesting, Mailed on August 23, 1906


No message, undivided back
Mailed on July 7, 1907


School girl writing during class!
Mailed December 18, 1907


Christmas Greetings
Mailed on December 23, 1910


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