North Cove, Pacific County, Washington

A trial opening due to increased service on the Astoria to Olympia Star Route. Apparently it did not have enough support to remain open until the area further developed.

Founded on Cape Shoalwater as a fishing and resort community, severe erosion slowly ate away at the cape. By the 1960's all signs of habitation were gone into the Pacific Ocean. The remains are one of the best Razor Clam digging areas along the coast.

The name was given by Lucy Johnson, because of the small protected cove inside the cape. She platted a formal townsite in 1884 on her [their?] lands, some five years after the arrival of the post office! The town once had a light house and life saving station in addition to its residential and business properties.

Port William

Established:November 19, 1860 
First Postmaster:Lucy Johnson
Change:September 3, 1861
Disposition:Re-Opened as North Cove

North Cove

Established:June 18, 1878 
First Postmaster:Lucy Johnson
Change:August 16, 1963
Disposition:Served from Tokeland


Postcards From This Office:

Wishes for an Easter egg hunt
Mailed on March 24, 1910
"Joyful Easter Celebration" in Finnish
Mailed on March 22, 1913


Lamenting being sick for the holiday
Mailed on March 15, 1913


6th November, 2017