Raymond, Pacific County, Washington


Established:February 23, 1904 
First Postmaster:Leslie Raymond
Disposition:Currently Operating

First Type

Second Type

Third Type

Fourth Type

Fifth Type - 1918-9


Postcards From This Office:

Wakefield Hotel - Downtown Raymond, Mailed on September 7, 1908

Christmas Wishes, Mailed on December 25, 1908

Steamer 'Shamrock', passing South Bend, Mailed on July 31, 1909

Riverdale Bridge, north of city, Mailed on November 1, 1911

Duryea Street looking east, Mailed on March 27, 1918

9,615 Board Feet of Spruce Lumber, Mailed on May 6, 1918

An unmailed card, typical of generic town 'I Was Here!'


11th November, 2017