Seaview, Pacific County, Washington

J. Stout, proprietor of a hotel "Sea View House", developed over 153 acres as a resort community. First named Stout's, then Ocean View, then North Pacific Beach, he finally chose Sea View. The hotel burned in 1892 and Stout never recovered.

Sea View continued to grow and became very popular as stop on the IR&N railroad. The name appears as Seaview on most maps and is that used by the post office when it was finally established.

Seaview currently has one of the three IR&N stations still in existence. The area is still popular today with a beautiful, formal, beach access road.


Established:April 30, 1907 
First Postmaster:Frank Strauhal
Disposition:Currently Operating

First Type

Second Type

Third Type


Postcards From This Office:

Cape Disappointment, North Head Rocks, Mailed on August 4, 1907
4th month of the post office.

Bathers, Long Beach, Mailed on September 2, 1908

Tunnel at Fort Columbia on way to North Beach Wash
Unkempt state of railway - Mailed on August 12, 1918


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