South Bend, Pacific County, Washington

Geographically named because of the deep southern bend of the Willapa River, South Bend was first established as a seasonal sawmill. The South Bend Lumber Company donated half its land to the NPRR to have the railroad make South Bend the terminus of the Yakima & Pacific Coast branch line.

Now the official county seat, it is an oystering and residential community. The historic Court House was built in 1910 and has one of the largest stained glass rotundas known.

The post office was first established, as with Longbeach, just using the name as one word. The change to South Bend came much later [TBD]. An early "South Bend" cancel used the year in a separate 'slug' beside the canceling circle with the time at the bottom. Later [again TBD] it changed to the normal format of the year within the ring, time above and date below.


Established:May 12, 1875 
First Postmaster:John Wood
South Bend

South Bend

First Postmaster:
Disposition:Currently Operating
Note: Year beside cancel.


Postcards From This Office:

New Year's Greeting - Mailed on December 29, 1904
Arthur Skidmore was a noted educator in Pacific County.


Humerous, Mailed on February 13, 1908

"For Old Times Sake", NewYear's Greetings.
Mailed on December 29, 1908


West End of Southbend, WA
Upper right are the remnants of Sea Haven on the tial flats.
Mailed May 28, 1911


Birthday, Mailed on January 19, 1915


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