Willapa, Pacific County, Washington

Fort Willapa was a stockade built south of the Willapa River to protect the residents of the area from fears of Indian attacks, and is now known as Giesey's crossing. A post office was established and served for 12 years, then moved across the river to Woodard's Landing. The post office mis-spelled the name as "Woodward Landing", though this was corrected about three years later.

Woodards Landing was a donation land claim taken by Samuel Woodard at the junction the Willapa and Wilson Creek. It served the area at the farthest inland point of the navigable Willapa River. A few years after Samuel left the area, his son and daughter-in-law platted "Woodard's Town of Willapa".

As part of the platting in 1884, though the plat was only recorded 8 months later, the post office changed its name to Willapa. A busy location with three steamers arriving each week, there were two warehouses, three hotels, doctors, stores, a school, a newspaper and several saloons. Over 5 years later, the Willapa Methodist Church was built. This is the oldest church still in use in Pacific County.

At some time after 1890 the post office was renamed to Willapa City. Whether it continued as such until the relocation in 1915 is as yet unknown. Dates seen for this variant are from SP 10 1892 to JA 06 1894.

Construction of the NPRR from Chehalis brought the boom to an end as McEwing demanded too much for his land as part of the railroad's right of way. The NPRR built south of the Willapa and by 1900 most residents had moved to South Bend or East Raymond. In 1915, the CM&SP railroad built a depot in East Raymond and the Willapa post office moved near that location, but retained the Willapa naming.

Fort Willapa
N 46* 38.739 W 123* 39.692

Established:April 29, 1858 
First Postmaster:John Geisy
Change:December 7, 1870
Disposition:Moved to Woodards Landing

Woodward Landing
N46* 40.5528, W123* 40.1659
Elevation 21'

Established:December 7, 1870 
First Postmaster:Hannah Whitcomb
Change:July 21, 1874
Disposition:Corrected to Woodards Landing

Woodards Landing
N46* 40.5528, W123* 40.1659
Elevation 21'

Established:July 21, 1874 
First Postmaster:Edwin Soule
Change:April 24, 1884
Disposition:Renamed to Willapa

N46* 40.5528, W123* 40.1659
Elevation 21'

Established:April 24, 1884 
First Postmaster:John Drissler
Disposition:Moved to East Raymond
Altered Cancel:  

Willapa City
N46* 40.5528, W123* 40.1659
Elevation 21'

First Postmaster: 
Change:Early 1890's
Disposition:Unauthorized Variant

N46* 40.2550, W123* 40.9908
Elevation 65'

First Postmaster:Lenore Hatchard
Change:April 30, 1954
Disposition:Served from Raymond


Postcards From This Office:

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