A Christmas Card


Originally, Christmas cards were just that ... a Christmas Postcard.
Here's one that was mailed during my mother's first Christmas in 1910.

The card uses one of the many designs by the firm of Charles Scribners Sons, with this one having a copyright date of 1905. The card was part of a series distributed by Quality Cards in Boston. Mass., under the ownership of the A. W. Davis Co.

What makes the card a bit more interesting is the back. Annie chose to use one of the new Christmas Seals from the Red Cross in addition to the required postage. This was their fourth year of production.

The seal is Scott's CS4, made from a design by Mrs. Guion Thompson and printed by Strobridge Lithographing Co. The proceeds of the seals went to benefit the U.S. Red Cross - the 1910 receipts were about $300,000.

Because of the card's thickness and the printing, I can't tell if the 1 Franklin has a double line or single line watermark (Scott's #331 or #374).

Mailed from - Hover, Washington - Dec. 22, 1910 - 3 PM.


Best Wishes to all - regardless of the year or season in which you're viewing this page.